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Image by Austin Distel

Over the years, Kesar Group of Companies has also stepped into and established itself as a securities firm competent in providing a broad range of high-quality financial services in segments such as Capital Market, Venture Capital, Corporate Finance etc. to individual, institutional and international investors.

For people who are looking for better control over their investments at low cost can get in touch with us as we offer highly professional services as sub-brokers.  We start with understanding your personal goals and situation and tolerance to risk. From that baseline, our expert brokers create special strategies and portfolio for you; which is a mix of investments diversified across, and within, asset classes. This approach helps and protects our clients from short-term swings in any one asset class and helps build wealth over a period of time.


We’re sub-brokers for many listed companies; and also registered with NSE & BSE.  To meet diverse needs of our clients, we’ve developed a team of in-house research experts’ and fund managers who helps us to strengthen our investment capabilities.  We offer a wider range of investment products and trade in shares, options, future, commodities, currency etc. for our clients. When clients decide to hire our services and open account with us we provide all the information they need, ask or should know before trading. We brief them on aspects like security, investment options, costs, tax, account opening procedure, etc.

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