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Kesar Group of Hospitals for specialized affordable treatments, naturopathy centers



Whether you’re looking for the best affordable treatment or high-end naturopathy center, Kesar Group is ready to launch healthcare centers in various parts of country.


Soon to Launch A Complete Healthcare Eco System


Affordable Treatments | Luxury Health Resorts| Authentic Naturopathy Centers


People fall ill and require health care facilities and treatment. The problems may be physical or mental. Women have special needs like pregnancy and childbirth, infants and kids ought to be immunized against common diseases etc. Regardless of the nature of the health issue, it’s important that people have access to health care services; an infrastructure that India has started building only recently.


We, the Kesar Group of Companies are in the process of launching full-fledged hospitals and healthcare units across different Indian states in near future for different customer segments.  We are going to launch multi-specialty hospitals, health resorts & Spas, naturopathy centers, etc. From Affordable hospitals to Luxury Health Boutiques, the process to create an ecosystem in healthcare has already begun.


Our aim is to launch services that are accessible as well as affordable. For this we’re assessing stakeholders & situations and identifying steps to reach our goal; taking a firm and unhurried approach towards setting up value-based healthcare services and build a robust infrastructure for it.


Our decision to get into healthcare was not taken lightly, it a strategic choice that has involved a lot of careful research and planning. We’re focusing on aspects like, allocating and aligning budgets & resources; developing understanding and insight of the industry and industry trends, not ignoring the brutal realities of this business, and training people to inculcate drive, accountability and effective implementation.


Executives, board members and physicians who are the key architects of healthcare business are already on board through whom we are trying to create a value proposition that’ll meet changing consumer expectations in the Internet economy.

When we launch our first model hospital, we’d like to share the news with you. Please send us an email so that we can save your contact in our database and inform you.

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