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Image by Joshua Lanzarini

Kesar Group got into organic farming much before it became a buzzword. Our group has a dedicated organic farming unit that grows healthy produce which is then supplied to local APMCs


Headline: Growing Healthy Through Organic Farming & Supplying to Local APMC

Healthy Soil = Healthy Food = Healthy People = Healthy Society


Farming is one of the many occupations we pursue with a lot of passion, dedication, & hard work. We are personally involved in this sector; keeping tabs on finances, safety, & compliance, etc.

The decision to convert our standard farms into organic was a natural progression for us as we always believed that there was a better way to live life and treat environment.


We are committed to growing certified and seasonal organic fruits and vegetables. With farms in many parts of country we sow and reap local fruits and grains organically. We supply our produce to local APMC. All our products undergo a stringent quality check in the labs before reaching the market and its buyers.


It all started with converting one portion of our standard land into an organic one. It took us many years of toil and trial and error to bring the chemically contaminated soil back to its original form and fertility. As our organic produce found an instant demand and market, we decided to continue the process of converting all our land in batches. Though major agriculture we produce is through organic farming, a little land still remains and the process of conversion is underway.


Organic farming is very labor intensive and we’d not be able to get the results that we’ve been getting year after year without our wonderful support staff.


We’re part of organic farming groups, in the body of horticulture advisory councils etc. which helps us to stay updated on latest development and techniques related to organic farming; and get to know about newer ways to support environment and reduce carbon impact.


Vision: In the years to come we plan to set up organic stores of our own & organize organic farming festivals in our premise to promote organic products, good health, and also offer organic farming training to the interested. We also want to develop tools to improve economies of scale and became cost-competitive.

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